From Erbil….

Working 16 hour days, 7 days a week with no break. Iraq declared a level 3 Humanitarian (not Security) Emergency, which means that the UN has free reign to pull in more staff and resources, to assist the humanitarian crisis. Apart from working long days, heartbreaking/eye-opening visits last week when I met with over 60 … Continue reading From Erbil….


The Land of Vlad and a reunion with pork

Romania is beautifully haunting. Gorgeous countryside peppered with impoverished villages and medieval castles. Experiencing a pork induced food coma.  After 6 months in a Muslim country, devoid of pork product, I have gone to little piggy heaven. Romanian cuisine is epic in so many ways. My stomach has gotten used to ingesting greasy Bangladeshi food.  I'm … Continue reading The Land of Vlad and a reunion with pork


Call to prayer, Petra, Jordan...sitting atop my hotel in the outdoor cafe. Flames glowing from the fires that are lit across the veranda, light is soft and flickering with warm, soft breeze. I can hear the chatter of people coming and going by horseback into Petra. Jordan is Slightly intoxicating.