I like to discover what makes humanity tick. I have learned that it is the simple tidbits that make life lovely, amazing, chaotic and just plain random.

Professionally, I have a knack for life in the danger zone. I’ve dodged sniper fire and 122 mm artillery in Eastern Ukraine, delivered aid to displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan), hunkered down during incoming missile warnings in Baghdad, navigated mud holes the size of Wisconsin in Liberia, and sipped frothy pints by a roaring peat fire in Western Ireland. I am again in Baghdad working as a Human Rights Officer for the UN.

I’ve collaborated with various agencies of the UN, UN mission in Iraq, African Union, ECOWAS, United States Institute for Peace, the Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Project,  UN Office of the Special Advisor, Genocide Prevention, the International Crisis Group (ICG), Swisspeace, Oxfam, the Stimson Center, Brookings, ACCORD, NUPI, The Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Center for Conflict Prevention at Columbia University, the Liberia Peacebuilding Office, OCHAUshahidi and an array of other fantastic organisations.

I am finalising (after a three year leave of absence) my Doctorate in Humanitarian & Human Rights Law at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland Galway. I have contributed to a variety of publications, including a chapter on African Peacekeeping in Peacekeeping & Atrocity Prevention (Springer Press 2015). Several new pieces forthcoming, which can be found on my publications page.

Research interests: asymmetric warfare, peacekeeping, armed conflict, Protection of Civilians, crisis mapping, military ethics, political theory and counterinsurgency. 

On a personal note, I am always keen to explore what’s over the next hill. I love capturing humanity through photography, whether its earning the trust of Ukrainian Babushkas, dodging cows and rickshaws in Delhi or wandering the Souks of Marrakech or bazaars in Istanbul.

I appreciate all things old-school; hand written letters, antiquarian bookstores, Super 8 film,  gothic fiction, B/W photography and Film Noir.

I’m curious, adventurous, compassionate, nomadic, generally unconventional and often-quirky.