No Jerusalem

I wound up missing my brief trip to Jerusalem.  A few days before departure, I injured my knee from a fall (uneven ground in many parts of Ukraine). I tripped over a large tree stump. Clumsy, I know (my college friends have a inside joke-naming me after an old maid card from the 50’s “Tumbledown Tess”)

In any case, I landed hard on my left knee. Subsequently, I’m very brushed and swollen. Got infected and was painful to move. So, I took the 6-hour train to Kiev (wanted to get out of kramatorsk) and stayed 2 nights at a good hotel in Kiev, just to relax.

I’ve not been walking much and was just in too much pain to do the flight to Jerusalem. I’m now leaving for Ireland this afternoon.

In any case, less traveling, which is good. Just taking things slow and easy. I often get so excited to travel, I over-extend myself; cramming in too many itineraries (and taking advantage of cheap flights!😜

Kiev is a great city. So different from the east.


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