Words fail me

So many Iraqis trapped. I am lucky — I have the luxury of leaving. The Christians and Yazidi’s have become targets in their own country.  Neighbours, have attacked neighbours.  Sunni’s are taking up arms and targeting their own communities.
The IS has captured Christian and Yezidi women.  Men have been brutally executed.
Just two days ago, one of my Kurdish colleagues moved his family into Erbil from Mosul, as he was told that he was targeted by the IS (he was a known Christina who had formerly worked with US government contractors). IS had intel on him, apparently.  He gathered his family within 15 minutes, left his house and fled with just two suitcases.
Its not only IS persecuting people. Sunni Muslims who choose to follow IS are ridding their communities of any ‘minority’ religion – in favour of an Islamic Caliphate.
As we know, similar patters took place in 1994 Rwanda; Tutsi vs Hutu, neighbour against neighbour. Friend against friend.
Brutality aside, I’ve met some pretty amazing people in my tenure. Iraqis are some of the most kind hearted, generous people I have ever known.
Traveling to Dohuk tomorrow to interview women and men IDPs in Camps in Dohuk.

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