Wanderlust personified

I was thinking about travel today. This is the longest I’ve gone w/out a major trip. Thankfully, Columbia is around the corner.

So many places to see in the world and likely not enough life to drink it all up.

What’s on your wish list?

I’ve visited a few of these. The rest are yet to be explored. Of course, there are always more to add to the growing list. These are my top destinations, as of today.

* = Already visited, but dying to return

In no particular order:

  • Cuba
  • *Cape Town (one of the most stunning cities, ever)
  • Tunisia
  • Thailand (Krabi, then Chang Mai) and Bangkok for the crazy nightlife/markets.
  • Vietnam + Cambodia (in same trip)
  • Bhutan (Paro Valley)
  • Albania (Coast and South)
  • Greenland (still obsessed with Greenland)
  • Kashmir region of  India
  • Uruguay (Uruguayan Riviera)
  • St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Seychelles
  • Burma
  • Nepal (Kathmandu + surrounds)
  • Argentina (Patagonia)
  • Antarctica
  • Faroe Islands
  • Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  • Cape Verde

Runner(s) up:

  • *Cinque Terre, Italy
  • *Bosnia (back to *Sarajevo, w/ Blagaj tacked on for good measure)
  • The Arctic Circle (Northern Norway + Sweden)
  • Chennai, India
  • Kyrgyzstan



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