Falling back in love with your life

Originally posted on TinyBudda.com (shortened and revised for the most important bits).


Ever found yourself in a rut, just waiting for some force of the Universe to pull you out?

When ennui sets in, it can be hard to find a way back into the light, but it typically takes a series of events and choices for us to be living a life out of sync with our personal goals, values, and passions.

Here are a few tips:

1. Take the long way home.

Sometimes it takes a literal change in perspective to change your mental perspective. Walk home instead of catching the bus.

When we get bored or restless, we don’t necessarily have to move on. By taking the long way home, fall back in love with where you are now. By changing your physical perspective, you can see all of the possibilities that have been there all along.

2. Move.

Make movement a part of your daily life. Like anyone else, we all find excuses not to get outdoors or do yoga, but when you do, you will feel recharged, no? 

3. Surround yourself with the right people.

There’s nothing wrong with relating to people or venting every now and again, but it’s also important to surround yourself with people and conversations that leverage enthusiasm, excitement, and satisfaction. Spend time with people who build you up, see and encourage your strengths, and who are, themselves, living authentically.

Energy is contagious, and if you’re around positive energy and speaking with others in terms of positivity, you’ll begin to restructure your thinking, and, ultimately, the way you see and experience the world around you.

4. Be present.

Yep, this one’s been said before. But it can’t be said enough. One of the main reasons people feel dissatisfaction with their life is because they’re missing it.

When we are not present, we become a bit numb.

Taking in this very moment as it is, truly engaging—rather than living in your head, thinking about what comes next, or brooding (or pining) over what has past—can really open up a realm of appreciation and keep you from feeling that sense of emptiness that results from living somewhere other than the here and now.

So, tune in. Fully.

5. Identify your values.

What are your values? We often admire others and think we should be doing what they are doing to be successful and satisfied with our lives. In actuality, we probably admire them because they are living out their own truth. Authenticity is attractive, not quality X, Y or Z.

Look within—not to others—to find your values. Once you do, figure out how they can be put into action so you are living your most authentic life, and start taking steps, large or small, to make them your reality.

6. Serve others.

This one is my favorite. When I  spend too much time in my head, not only do I go a bit mental, but everything feels murkier. I have to constantly remind myself to get out of my head on a daily basis.

We are indeed, a self-absorbed society. When we think too much about ourselves we become quickly dissatisfied. To me, its the  lack of a lack of connectedness.  The best way to stop thinking these endless cyclical thoughts, think of someone else.  Better yet DO for someone else. When you do kind things for others, out of love, compassion or connectedness, you will likely wash those troubles away.

I believe we are all connected and thus all have our own roles to play in which we contribute to the collective good. When we connect to that role, we simultaneously connect to our purpose and to each other, filling up that hollowness we can get when we’re not feeling so in love with our life.

Falling back in love with your life requires a little determination and reflection, but mostly it’s about letting go and just tuning in—to your most authentic self and to the world and people around you.



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