Travel next five years

Iceland, Northern Lights: Bora Bora, Over water bungalow: Trans Siberian Railway: South Pole: Italy, Amalfi Coast: Peru, Macchu Piccu: Galapagos Island, Ecuador:



‘On the other side of worry, there’s trust. We can’t always trust in specifics, but we can trust in ourselves.’

No Jerusalem

I wound up missing my brief trip to Jerusalem.  A few days before departure, I injured my knee from a fall (uneven ground in many parts of Ukraine). I tripped over a large tree stump. Clumsy, I know (my college friends have a inside joke-naming me after an old maid card from the 50's "Tumbledown... Continue Reading →

Ukraine update

I’m not updating any specifics on social media as I did last year in Iraq. Work has informed us not to post details of our work on social media many clever Ukrainians and DPR (Russia backed separatists) troll social media to get information. The only tough part about life these days is trying to find an... Continue Reading →

Words fail….

So many Iraqis trapped. I am lucky -- I have the luxury of leaving. The Christians and Yazidi's have become targets in their own country.  Neighbours, have attacked neighbours.  Sunni's are taking up arms and targeting their own communities. The IS has captured Christian and Yezidi women.  Men have been brutally executed. Just two days... Continue Reading →

Tolstoy quote

"We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom". ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace  

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